What’s your LinkedIn strategy to generate opportunities?

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95% of the bankers I know don’t have a clear idea of how to integrate LinkedIn into their overall business development strategy.  Here are some people who do.

1.) In the last 6 months since joining my new employer, I positioned my summary to demonstrate my “consultative approach” to helping commercial business owners and why the TowneBank  culture and value proposition make for a great combination to deliver financial solutions to my friends and neighbors in my hometown of Richmond. This has led to numerous connection requests from COIs, some business owners, and a wealth of banking talent at other banks obviously looking for an employment opportunity.

Patrick Collins TowneBank Richmond


2.) My LinkedIn strategy to generate opportunities is to build my connections (I have over 1200) so I have a wide ranging network of contacts to tap into for warm introductions to prospects. I also use InMails to contact prospects directly and find they have a higher response rate than regular messages.

Roberta Bastow First Niagara Bank


3.) One way to generate opportunities that I recently discussed with others was to be visible and engaged with prospects when there aren’t any apparent near term opportunities. You will always be aware of potential developments on a more timely basis and have a better understanding. The prospect will also think of you as a potential partner since calling efforts were consistent. I think it means a lot to a prospect to have someone genuinely interested in them when there isn’t a near term opportunity and takes that into consideration when something becomes available. Show interest at all times and you will set yourself apart from the “fair weather” bankers.

Victor W. Capozzolo First Niagara Bank


4.)Connect to everyone I know and then work 2nd level connections. I use LinkedIn as a virtual Rolodex to easily reach people I want to contact. I find folks are pretty willing to connect with a banker, especially those who lend money and manage a team of lenders. It’s also useful to connect with various groups and key people – Jack Welch for example – and read their pearls of wisdom.

Jeffrey Carstens Bank Leumi USA


5.) To share meaningful and “what’s it in for me” articles that not only are beneficial for people but generate awareness of who I am. It gives me another tool to keep my name out there for banking opportunites.

Lisa DeCoste Fulton Bank


6.) When I meet someone at an event or am interested in an industry, I simply do a search on LinkedIn to see if I know anyone and I try to connect via that avenue. It isn’t rocket science.

Vic Calonder Colorado Business Bank


7.) I saw Jill Rowley speak at the LinkedIn Sales Connect conference in September last year. She has 5 pillars of social selling and I have been using those (nothing original – just copying!).


Bob Newman Chatham Financial


8.) Knowing the industries to call in yields targeted prospects. LinkedIn means you never have to cold call again.

Talley Clower Regions Financial Corporation


9.) My LinkedIn strategy is to post once a week on the newsfeed a business item or some other topic of interest.  I post to my tagged groups at least once every other week a specific topic related to the industry or to the bank.

Kelly Condon Colorado Business Bank


10.) I use LinkedIn as a branding tool. Visitors can learn my areas of specialty, read testimonial letters of recommendation written by current clients, and learn which industry groups I’ve been active with and what speaking engagements I’ve had. The goal is to enhance my professional credibility in the eyes of the viewer.

Doug Holtrop Mercantile Bank of Michigan


11.) The simplest and most effective way of getting in with clients is to compliment them on a work anniversary, remember their birthday or (yes!) a new profile photo. We are all, after all, vain creatures in need of acceptance by our peers.

Susan Eick Right Management (former Head of Retail Banking at community bank)

12.) I use LinkedIn to see who is connected to people I am targeting. I do use it to follow up as connections change positions and prompt meetings, congratulations, etc. I also use it to follow company pages. I am increasingly using it to keep up to date on industry trends.

Jeff Hultman, Illinois Bank& Trust


13.) LinkedIn has helped me with clients, prospects, and COI’s. I use it as a tool for my credibility statement. With the banker turnover in our industry and clients getting a new RM every year, it helps build some trust early in the relationship and creates a sense of stability. It also gives them some confidence that they working with a true banking professional.

Ted Mossman Wells Fargo

What’s your strategy? Share it in the space below along with any questions you have about getting more out of LinkedIn in prospecting.

Bonus: Here’s a link to more information on our website about LinkedIn.



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