What our Clients are Saying

Here’s a sampling of what our clients have to say about our Webinars:


“Monday’s presentation on Prospecting Deposit Rich Businesses was one of the best we have seen from your organization. Buck moves quickly and covers a vast amount of material, some of which I plan to place great emphasis on with my salespeople. This is a presentation that I will want my people to view again”

Bart Roberts, SVP
Sun West Bank, Nevada


“I want to again compliment you on the Medical Practices presentation. We have been considering some products specialized toward medical professionals. The knowledge of what it will take to be truly successful making inroads to this sector was invaluable. It will assist us in determining if we throw the resources behind this sector, how we will go about doing it, and gives us a realistic time frame for success.”

Gerald R McKee, VP, Business Development Officer
Cornerstone Bank, Mount Laurel NJ


“I feel comfortable in giving a big thumbs up to the Webinar series. The constant reinforcement is important and is helping us to implement the conversion to a sales culture that all community banks struggle with. As management, we genuinely believe in Buck Bierly’s approach to generating business and will continue to use his message with our sales force.”

Peter Pelham, EVP
Bank of Marin, Novato, CA

“The overall consensus of our Business Banker group is the material and presentation is solid. Repetitive drilling down various parts of the process will ingrain said processes to where they are second nature and become a way to do business.”

Dave Wagner, Minnesota Regional Bank President
Mid-Country Banks