About MZ Bierly Consulting

Market Development and Relationship Development Processes that create both a differentiated brand and sustainable growth in Commercial Banking Markets.

We help our clients. . .

  1. Build the Market Leadership Processes that effectively develop current and prospective markets.
  2. Take the next steps in building the day-to-day Relationship Development processes that focus Commercial and Business Bankers on the “right businesses” with the “right conversation.”
  3. Build a different conversation with the businesses that match the Bank’s risk and revenue contribution criteria. . . conversations that a provide a deeper understanding of both the business and the business owner.

Our work with clients begins with assessments of the current “sales” and “sales leadership” processes, followed by recommendations for adjusting the human, technological or operational elements of those processes and then on-going support for the implementation of the adjusted processes throughout the entire Commercial Banking Team.

We have focused on a single Industry for the last 28 years. . . Banking.

Our success over the last 28 years has been driven by an obsession. . . stay ahead of the issues and trends in the rapidly changing financial sector and provide our clients with a view of the changes on the horizon and with the adjustments necessary to respond faster than their competitors.

As Market Development specialists we have helped hundreds of financial institutions take the next step in their Market Development Processes and then to adjust their day-to-day business development processes from the Executive Suite all the way to the Market Teams.