5 Tasks in 5 Minutes for Bank Relationship Managers (Part 2)

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What can you do if you have 5 minutes to spare? Plenty! (See 5 Tasks in 5 Minutes for Bank Relationship Managers Part 1). Here are five more ideas for any bankers interested in improving their business development results in 2016:

  1. Schedule time to strategize with your boss about how to proceed with your top 5 prospects.
  2. Think about what additional training you could use in 2016. It may not be a course: there are eBooks (check out Prospecting Pointers), recorded webinars and podcasts that might make you a better banker.
  3. Thank somebody for something. (And don’t stop with the usual suspects. You could get a lot of mileage out of thanking any of the following: customers, support staff, a long-suffering spouse, your boss, COIs, etc.)
  4. Assess how well you personally are using the sales tools you have been provided with (e.g. CRM, industry information from VerticalIQ, IBISWorld, RMA, First Research; prospect information from Data.com or ReferenceUSA; call planning templates on your bank’s intranet, etc.) If you don’t like the answer, find somebody who is doing a better job with these valuable resources and see what you can learn.
  5. Evaluate objectively your own performance in business development this year. If you’re interested in a checklist that you can use to measure your prospecting approach, go to https://mzbierlyconsulting.com/prospecting-assessment


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