6 Things To Do in the Last Six Weeks of the Year


The holidays are fast approaching.  Nobody outside of your immediate friends and family wants to see you between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.  Forget getting in to see prospects.

Wrong, wrong, wrong. In today’s competitive banking environment  savvy bankers need to use what’s left of the year to keep their momentum in business development. If you’re at a loss for ideas on how to do that, here are some suggestions:

1. Keep scheduling appointments with your customers and prospects.   If your competitors are too busy attending holiday parties, it may be that much easier to get in to see some people on your list. And if somebody isn’t free before year end, get on their calendar in January.
2. Go with a plan to any holiday functions you attend. That might include preparing in advance a list of people you want to talk to or making a commitment to meet 3 new people at the event. (For those of us trying to retain our figures, it could also include steering clear of the hors d’oeuvres.)
3. Treat your most important line of business partners and COIs to lunch and swap ideas about how to help each other.
4. Schedule time to review your sales efforts in 2015. What did you do well? What have you learned? What specifically do you need to do differently next year?
5. Review where you stand with your top prospects. If you’re at an impasse with any of them, set up a time to strategize with your boss on how to proceed.
6. Think about your own professional development. Are there any courses/ webinars/ books out there that would make you a better banker? Not sure? Ask your Manager or send me an email at nmiller@mzbierlyconsulting.com for some ideas.

MZ BIERLY Consulting, Inc. helps bankers build relationships with business owners and professionals to increase loans, deposits and fees. We work with bank sales leaders to improve the consistency of their messaging, change the behaviors of their sales teams, and address infrastructure issues that impact top-line results.

We believe that a bank’s sales force is only as good as its sales leadership process. Sustainable sales team performance is a direct result of effective sales leadership.

Here are some of the types of things we specialize in:
–Assessing sales process in banks
–Implementing change initiatives to improve results
–Coaching bank sales leaders on running meetings, coaching and eliminating obstacles they face leading their teams
–Training front line bankers on how to develop relationships with business owners
–Delivering keynote speeches on topics relating to prospecting, customer referrals, and sales leadership

For more information contact Susan Lersch at 610-296-4771 or susan.lersch@mzbierlyconsulting.com



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