Tips on Getting in the Door with Prospects

cold calling

Question: Is it harder to get somebody’s attention the old fashioned way by calling them on the phone?

Buck Bierly: Cold calling was a mainstay in this industry for a while. We saw it particularly in certain geographic locations like California. Everyone became fascinated with cold calling. The mantra was “Stick with it.” People knew there would be rejection. Rejection was a part of the process and the goal was to move quickly on to the next call. The thinking was, “If I dial fifteen businesses or twenty-five businesses every day or every other day or every week if I stick with it I will reach my goals. Persevere and you will do fine.”

Then the idea of two degrees of separation came on the scene. Most people in smaller markets, where you might not be able to build a niche, know each other in some way and the question became, “How can I get someone to introduce me to a prospect?”

Most people have a hard time with cold calling. That is normal. Recently I met a California banker. He said, “We keep getting stuck with the gatekeeper. How do we get around that?”

My response was, “What do you think LinkedIn is all about? It is about two degrees of separation.”

A veterinarian client of yours calls another veterinarian she knows and introduces you. A beverage distributor client calls their friend in the business and introduces you. Your client gives a testimonial referral and it gets you right past the gatekeeper. What is the result of meeting somebody in this scenario? We have created a favorable opportunity to create a satisfied client relationship in our target market.

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