Q&A on Getting Testimonial Referrals

Client testimonials write on notebook


Question: I have asked several customers if they would provide letters of endorsement or testimonials for me. Many have agreed but they want me to draft something for them that they can work from. I do not want to come across as arrogant as I attempt to draft these and was curious if you had samples from your many contacts that you could pass to me as a guide.


Answer: It’s great that you’re asking your customers for testimonials. Marketing Departments can flood the mass media with ads trumpeting what great service your bank provides, but a letter endorsing you from a real business customer is much more powerful. Actors who make commercials are easy to dismiss but the owner of a local company who gives his phone number and email address in writing gives you a lot more credibility.


If your customers need help getting their thoughts on paper, you can definitely assist them. The best recommendations are really stories that your clients relay about how you have assisted them. If you get them to remember what their situation was before you appeared on the scene, what you did for them and how much better things are now, you should be in fine shape.


My suggestion would be to get your clients to talk to you about what they have found valuable. Either take notes or get their permission to tape the conversation. You could ask them questions and then have the comments transcribed.


These testimonials don’t have to be great works of literature. If your customers think of this as talking to one of their friends about you and your professionalism, they’ll do fine.


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