Is Cross-Selling the Secret Sauce for Business Bankers?



describe the imageIn a recent webinar on cross-selling, Charles Wendel and Buck Bierly discussed the challenges business bankers face in expanding relationships with business customers. The bottom line: Cross-selling may not be the secret sauce, but it is a key ingredient to increase per account revenue growth.
Here are some of their key points:
Selling more to an existing customer is less expensive and more likely to succeed than prospecting.
Cross-selling needs to be mandated from the top of the organization and reflected in compensation.
Management needs to set priorities for the products to be cross-sold.
Enhancing individual product profitability goes hand-in-hand with a cross-sell effort.
Cross-selling needs to be a continual and dynamic effort, not a one time event.
The account planning process should highlight cross-sell opportunities.
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Cross Selling as Secret for Success?

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