Advice for Bank Relationship Managers (In one word)

advice for relationship managers.jpg

I recently asked a group of sales managers what one-word advice they would give to their relationship managers. The comments were interesting and quite appropriate:

The most interesting one was something that we often forget to do: Ask.

What can you ask for? Here’s a partial list:
1. An introduction
2. An opportunity to put together a proposal
3. An appointment
4. Coaching
5. A testimonial
6. A tour
7. Financials
8. A referral
9. A second opinion
10. Analysis statements
11. Clarification
12. Preliminary pricing guidelines
13. Sales Tools
14. A special favor
15. A commitment
16. The next step
17. The business

You can probably come up with others.  But here’s my advice to all sales managers: Remind your team members to ask.

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