12 Questions on the Minds of Bank Sales Leaders

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Here are 12 questions that are vexing bank Sales Leaders today, with some links to previous blog posts that discuss the challenge in some way:

  1. Why did upwards of 45% of Commercial and Business Banking Relationship Managers (RMs) fail to make all their sales goals (not just loan goals) last year?
  2. Why do producing Sales Managers struggle in developing their teams? 
  3. Is it unrealistic to expect Relationship Managers to make 6 to 8 scheduled face-to-face calls a week? (See The Case for More Sales Calls.)
  4. How can generalist RMs develop expertise in niches that will help them differentiate themselves from the competition? (View our video on Prospecting Tips for Bankers on Developing a Niche.)
  5. How can I get my Board more engaged in business development? (Read Are your board members bringing in the right business?)
  6. What level of support can Marketing provide to front-line sales teams?
  7. Do branch managers have the ability to bring in new business from outside calling on microbusinesses and professionals? (See Buck Bierly’s thoughts in an Interview in the Branch Managers’ Letter.)
  8. How should banks segment the small business market (by size, credit, industry, complexity of cash management needs, etc.)?
  9. What can you do to break down the walls between commercial and retail and wealth management and insurance? (Check out our complimentary webinar  “Is Cross-Selling the Secret Sauce?” at http://mzbierlyconsulting.webex.com.)
  10. How easy is it to get an average performer to the next level in terms of sales skills? (To see the Progression of Relationship Development Skills chart, click on this link.)
  11. Are there “non-negotiables” for all bank Sales Leaders? (For more insights go to 4 Weekly Tasks for Bank Sales Managers (video))
  12. What tools are available to raise the “business acumen” of line bankers? (Listen to this mp3 file on Business Acumen vs. Product Acumen.)

Are there any questions that are on your mind? If so, add them in the space below or send them to nmiller@mzbierlyconsulting.com.

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