A Consultant Bares All: 20 Secrets for Bank Sales Leaders

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1. The future is clear for bank sales teams: Fewer salespeople with better support.
2. Make sure that you are having an impact on the business, not just reporting on it.
3. It’s not enough to know what to do; your people need help figuring out how to do it (which may include how to fit it into their weekly schedules.)
4. A sales process without tools and job aids isn’t going to get your team to the next level. (Can a plumber do his job without the right tools?)
5. Goals should be linked to market potential not just historical performance.
6. Learn how your team members sell. You need to know what their default value proposition is.
7. Sales training events without follow-up coaching don’t work and are a huge waste of time and money.
8. Many of your prospects and COIs are checking you and your bankers out on social media. Do you like what they’re seeing?
9. Don’t buy a CRM system until you have a clearly defined sales process.
10. Pay attention to what your compensation plan is really rewarding.
11. Your HR Department won’t help you identify “A” salespeople.
12. Hiring high-performers takes more than a 45 minute interview. Do you have a process for identifying and courting the best candidates in your market?
13. Onboarding new hires is one of the most important things you do.
14. It’s very hard for your people to differentiate themselves based on products.
15. Top sales leaders coach the top of the funnel, not just later stage deals.
16. Data matters: Garbage in, garbage out. (Make sure your salespeople are doing their part updating your CRM system.)
17. Make sure every sales call has clear objectives. No winging it.
18. Your job is not to be the Superbanker; if you have to close every deal, you have the wrong people.
19. Great Sales Process + Below Average Salespeople= Lousy Results
20. Sales Success = Great People in the right sales environment + Consistent Coaching

Agree or disagree?

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