How to Make More Calls: Try 2 Before 10


Has your boss told you to make more calls this year? Do you have a hard time getting out of the office?

Maybe you’re a Branch Manager whose daily plan can be disrupted by unexpected staffing problems or thorny customer service issues. Or perhaps you’re a busy Relationship Manager with limited administrative support and lots of credit requests waiting for you in the office.


If you’d like to make more calls, here’s an idea that you should consider. Rather than getting to your desk at 8 AM, think about scheduling a meeting with a customer or prospect by then. It could include breakfast or coffee, but doesn’t have to. Many of your business contacts get an early start on the day and might welcome a chance to see you at their place of business before their days become too crazy.


Some of our bank clients have liked the idea of scheduling one call before 8 AM so much that they have doubled down on the concept. They now encourage bankers to make two calls before 10 AM, an approach that has helped some RMs and Branch Managers to increase their calling activity significantly.


So, if you like the idea of “1 by 8” or “2 by 10”, try it for a month and see whether if works. And do send along any comments (positive or negative) about your experience to

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