What’s the best way to follow-up with a prospect? (Video)

Has your prospect gone dark? Are you afraid they’ve decided not to move their business to you? Don’t despair.Here are some things you can do to reignite the conversation.

Check out the video below.



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Live Webinar Alert:

The ACA has had a major impact on the healthcare industry. How can you make sense of what’s happening to medical professionals in these turbulent times? Join Ned Miller and health care investment banker/consultant/ author Jim Unland for a live webinar on Monday, September 21 at 11 AM Eastern for a fast-paced discussion of the issues impacting physicians. In addition to providing insights into the direction of the industry, they’ll discuss where the opportunities are for bankers working with medical practices and how to exploit them. 

Here are some of the topics that they’ll cover:

* The impact of the financial crisis on various specialties

* What the end of the capital access party for doctors means

* How to implement an effective prospecting strategy

* Resources that bankers can use to differentiate themselves from the competition 

To Register: You can register for the live webinar three ways:

(1) Call Susan Lersch at 610-296-4771 or

(2) Email her at susan.lersch@mzbierlyconsulting.com


(3) go to the Training Center section of our secure Webex website at https://mzbierlyconsulting.webex.com  and pay the $29 fee by credit card.

If you can’t make the live webinar on September 21, you can still sign up for the recorded version, which will be available within 24 hours of the live presentation.  

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