March Madness 1983: More 3 Pointers on Winning at Sales


March Madness bankers

I recently saw the ESPN 30 by 30 documentary Survive and Advance about North Carolina State’s improbable road to the 1983 NCAA mens’ basketball championship. I had forgotten how many last minute comebacks the Wolfpack made en route to the title. (Sports Illustrated magazine called the championship game the greatest moment in college basketball history.)

The film has many unforgettable scenes as players, coaches and fans reminisce about their opponents, the games themselves and their late coach, Jim Valvano. Footage from post-game interviews and press conferences provides ample evidence of how engaging Jimmy V was in front of an audience. (If you’ve never seen his ESPY speech, stop reading now and go to

At the end of the documentary, his wife recalls how he wrote short, motivational messages to himself on 3×5 cards, which he carried around with him. “Win NCAA Championship.” “Never give up.” “Beat cancer.”

With March Madness upon us once again and in memory of Jimmy V, here are some things that you might consider as you tackle this week’s business development challenges. (The fact that they are in fortune cookie 3 word messages—what I’ll call 3 pointers for those who perfected  their outside shot before there was such a thing—is of no real importance.)3 point sales tips

• Ask for referrals
• Do relationship reviews
• Share prospect lists
• Learn new techniques
• Follow financial press
• Build deeper relationships
• Join trade associations
• Assess your COIs
• Network with purpose
• Introduce your partners
• Leverage senior management
• Get a coach
• Attend training sessions
• Schedule prospecting time

Any you would like to add? Fill them in the space below.

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