Q&A on Customer Referrals

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Question: If I have a referral from a customer, does it make sense to send a letter to the prospect before calling to set up an appointment?


Answer: You could. You could also ask your customer to send an email or text or make a call to alert the prospect that you’ll be calling.

If you do write a letter (or email), here are some things to consider:

  1. Tailor it in some way, making specific reference to the referral from the customer. Indicate that you know something about the prospect’s situation or industry. This obviously requires doing some homework in advance.

  2. State that you will be calling on a specific day to set up an appointment—and do it, without fail. Most bankers who write letters say that this is the most critical part of their process.

 So, if it’s the telephone call that gets the appointment, why bother with a letter or email? Some people like having something that they can refer to when they call to schedule the appointment. Many others skip the letter writing and start calling.

Your job is to get in front of the right prospects. If you want to send letters or emails, that’s fine, but success is scheduling appointments.


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