6 Tips for Bankers on Making Goals in 2015 (3 words each)

3 word sales tips

What is it about the number 3? Some people consider it lucky. It is sacred in many religions. In some traditions 3 is considered the number of harmony, wisdom and understanding.

Heroes are often offered three choices or three tests. Others overcome difficulties on the third try.

Counting to three is common in situations where a group of people wish to perform an act together. (Now, on the count of three, everybody pull!).  

Basketball coaches know that three word commands are easy to remember. See the ball. Slide your feet. Everybody box out.

Well, on 6/3/2015 I’m going to suggest to bankers that 6 things in 3 word snippets might change your business development results this year. Here they are:

  1. Leverage your network
  2. Ask better questions
  3. Assess your performance
  4. Develop internal COIs
  5. Use LinkedIn better
  6. Celebrate small victories

If one of these looks like it will help you make progress in landing more prospects and meeting your sales goals, do something with it—in the next 3 days!

Final tip: Be sure to click on the hyperlinks for more details.

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