Getting Referrals: Are you wasting time on CPAs? (Video)

Tax season is over. It is probably OK to start calling on CPAs again in search of referrals. But before you do, here are 6 reasons why you ought to be asking some of your clients for introductions too:

  1. If you believe the research from national firms like Barlow and Greenwich, most of your  business clients would be delighted to assist you.
  2. Most CPAs feel obligated to refer at least two other bankers when asked for a recommendation; your satisfied clients don’t.
  3. Your customers probably won’t be in a position to critique any proposals you make to the people they refer you to.  That’s often how accountants “add value.”
  4. Customers often give glowing testimonials; circumspect accountants are usually reluctant to do so.
  5. Established CPAs may be asked for referrals by scores of lenders. Many business owners are never asked.
  6. Your clients usually don’t make a big deal out of “reciprocity.”

For more thoughts on why you ought to be spending more time with your satisfied clients, check out this video.

Looking for specific tips on how to ask for referrals? Check out this article How to Ask Customers for Referrals

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